Bisque firing #2

I have fired my second bisque with my kiln (affectionately named Arturito). This time I was able to fire to Cone 06 instead of falling short. The two cones shown are cone 05 and cone 06. The cone 06 is melted the correct amount and the cone 05 is still vertical. Its not a big deal to fall short on a bisque because the goal is not to fire the clay to maturity (and there is no glaze to melt) but it is nice to get better at hitting my targets.

Second Bisque firing

I was able to squeeze-in five bowls, five cups, and a small amphora. The amphora was thrown in pieces: body, neck, foot, lid, and handles as a prototype for a larger Greek prize vessel style project.

I hope to glaze fire some of these pieces this weekend.


I bought a used kiln off of craigslist. It is a bit small and old but it is a perfect starter kiln. It is a Cress electric kiln and can go to cone 8. This will be a change from everything I have done before. I have never had my own kiln and I have never fired a kiln (gas or electric).


My new (old) kiln

Now I am getting a 220 V line put in so I can fire my work at home. I will be borrowing a wheel from a friend and getting some cone 5 clays and glazes from the relatively nearby Laguna clay company. I hope to be able to begin making work by October.