From Writing to Ceramics

It is just past the middle of National Novel Writing Month and I am having some trouble. Just as I mentioned before, I have a lot on my plate. I have run behind and then lost my focus completely. I haven’t written in a few days. I don’t think that I can catch up at this point. I have spent my time on some other creative endeavors instead.

I spent significant parts of both days playing Pathfinder, and some other time making mugs. I feel a little guiltyRPG battle mat about the time i could have been writing. I wonder if there is a way that I could motivate myself to write without guilt. I am going to allow myself to get as far as I get this year without worrying too much about the specific word total, and next year when I am not working on buying a house, and when I have my own work-space, I will dedicate more seriously to hitting the goal of 50,000 words. Continue reading

Office Craft Fair

MOffice Craft Fairy office has quite a few creative people and quarterly there is a craft fair where these people can sell their products to their co-workers. This last week, I joined in on the fair with my pottery. It was very motivating to have a deadline, and a specific audience. I focused on making mugs and bowls, because I know that coffee and oatmeal are common in the office.
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Glaze Firings 2 & 3

Friday and Saturday this weekend, I fired Δ5 (cone 5 or about 2151ºF). I currently only have three colors of glaze so my options are somewhat limited, but at this point in the learning process fewer variables is better. Notice the cones, the bent cones are from the first firing and the straight cones have not been fired yet. The blue one is cone 4 which will melt first and the green one is cone 5 which is the “Target Cone.”

Loading Kiln

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Bisque firing #2

I have fired my second bisque with my kiln (affectionately named Arturito). This time I was able to fire to Cone 06 instead of falling short. The two cones shown are cone 05 and cone 06. The cone 06 is melted the correct amount and the cone 05 is still vertical. Its not a big deal to fall short on a bisque because the goal is not to fire the clay to maturity (and there is no glaze to melt) but it is nice to get better at hitting my targets.

Second Bisque firing

I was able to squeeze-in five bowls, five cups, and a small amphora. The amphora was thrown in pieces: body, neck, foot, lid, and handles as a prototype for a larger Greek prize vessel style project.

I hope to glaze fire some of these pieces this weekend.