Bob Ross

The game-streaming site just launched their “Creative” category. To celebrate, they are running a marathon of all the episodes of The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross. I remember watching this show when I¬†was in Junior High. I was always enchanted with the seemingly effortless way Ross created these beautiful imaginative landscapes. I even bought a starter kit and tried it myself.

Sadly and in true typical fashion, I only ever made that one painting and gave it away to one of my aunts. I have never gone back to oil painting even though I still have the brushes and oils from that first kit. (I wonder if they are still good.)

Now that I am faced with this marathon of The Joy of Painting and with the story I am writing that features an oil Painter I am feeling somewhat compelled to revisit this medium. I can’t do it this month as I need to focus on writing but maybe next month