Vines and Wines

My recent trip to Italy has gotten me thinking about growing a few of my own grape vines. I was able to take a hike through some sangiovese vineyards (pictured below) and I really enjoyed the experience and the subsequent wines.

Sangiovese Vineyard

Ripe sangiovese grapes in the Chianti wine region of Tuscany Italy

This is not the first time I have  I have already done my own mead making and the process is similar to the process for wine, but the sanitary requirements for wine are much more rigorous, and of course, the grapes need to be crushed.

I find myself looking up grape varieties and their suitability to the place I live. I am reading a book that I got some time ago called From Vines to Wines by Jeff Cox for ideas about how and what to plant. I think that I will wind up with only a few vines due to my limited backyard space. If nothing else, it will be an interesting learning experience for a future larger space.