Office Craft Fair

MOffice Craft Fairy office has quite a few creative people and quarterly there is a craft fair where these people can sell their products to their co-workers. This last week, I joined in on the fair with my pottery. It was very motivating to have a deadline, and a specific audience. I focused on making mugs and bowls, because I know that coffee and oatmeal are common in the office.

Greenware Mugs

In preparation for the sale I made a batch of mugs with different shapes and different handles so that I could develop an understanding of what is possible and determine what I liked. I threw rings for most of the handles and tried different shapes and sizes. I also made some heart-shaped bowls and a teapot but they didn’t make it.

Glaze Firing 4

In the picture below you can see the bowls that had an unacceptable amount of pinholing and the absence of the teapot which did not get fired because I only have so much room in my little kiln.

I was able to sell a few mugs, but the most useful part of the experience was watching people’s reactions to the work; seeing which pieces were picked up and commented on and which ones were ignored. A mug with a twisted coil handle was very popular while the cups with thrown feet were completely ignored. These and other notes I took give me a basis for future work, and when I start selling these things on I will have less trial-and-error to work through.