Wooden Sword

I have been in wedding parties before and the groom typically gives his groomsmen a gift like a flask. I have decided to do something much more specific and nerdier.

Groomsmen Gift Sketches

I am a big fan of games like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons (hey don’t knock it, it beats hanging out in bars). I have decided to make gifts that reflect the people and their game-playing preferences. The first item is a wooden crusader sword for by best man / brother.

This isn’t the first wooden sword that I have made. This is, however the first one that I have made as an adult in full possession of woodworking skills. I was aiming to make a sword that would be somewhat ridiculous in size but not unbelievable. I settled on a full length of 4 feet (1.2 meters). I bought a 5 foot by 5 inch board, borrowed some hand planes from my father and got to work.

I cut the board down to 4 feet and used the extra length to form the cross-guard. I don’t have a band-saw so I had to cut the handle down with a handsaw and chisel. Then I drew guidelines along the middle and at angles so that I could use hand planes to taper the “Blade” from 5 inches wide to 3.5 inches with the hand planes.

Taper Crusaider Sword

I beveled the “edges” of the blade using the same planes mostly by eye using the earlier guide-lines


I did most of the contouring of the cross-guard and the pommel with a disc sander and cut out the cross in the pommel with a flexcut chisel.

Crusaider sword taper

I finished the sword with some outdoor oil to protect against sun and moisture.20140712_131754_Android

I am very happy with how the sword came out. It is the biggest one that I plan on making. I will be making a gladius for myself and a pair of fighting daggers for our officient. For the others I will be making less fighty-options.