Glaze Firings 2 & 3

Friday and Saturday this weekend, I fired Δ5 (cone 5 or about 2151ºF). I currently only have three colors of glaze so my options are somewhat limited, but at this point in the learning process fewer variables is better. Notice the cones, the bent cones are from the first firing and the straight cones have not been fired yet. The blue one is cone 4 which will melt first and the green one is cone 5 which is the “Target Cone.”

Loading Kiln

The first firing was all blue. The cones came out just right. at just under 8 hours firing time.Glaze 2 Blue

The second firing was some blue and some green. The firing took longer at just over 8 hours and the target cone was at the desired 90 degree bend. There was significant pinhole-ing in this batch.Glaze 3 blue and green

Here is a close up shot of the pinholes on the blue glaze.20140713_122725_AndroidAccording to this article, I need to lengthen the firing cycle or cooling cycle. I may have been impatient to get these pieced finished. I fired at “B” speed this time (the rates available are A – E) and I may choose a slower setting next time.