Ceramic Masters of Icheon

I came across a video of master potters from Icheon village in South Korea.

I have always preferred wheel work to hand-building, however, I know that the best artists and the greatest work combines the two disciplines. I have not even attempted some of the techniques shown in the video. The carving and use of various engobes is amazing, and the sheer scale of some of these pieces is amazing.

Decoration has long been a weakness of mine. My previous post about glaze firings, shows that I am inclined to glaze pieces all one color. I need to do more carving and shaping of pieces after I get them off of the wheel and I need to use more than one glaze at a time.

I need to get some of the trimming / carving tools that the artists are using in this video, and I need to develop the skills in decoration to get to the next level of skill.