Summer Goals

It’s time to dust off the wheel and get back to work


So often life can intercede on art. I have been working steadily at a regular 9-5 while taking classes for two years now. I have had very little time (and a energy) for creative work on that time. Now summer is here and I need to dust off my old projects and her back to work. With the help of my fiancee I have defined some concrete and actionable goals for the summer.

1. Ceramic work – I will fire two glaze firings each month.
2. Wood Turning – I will finish the 6 pens that I bought pieces for last Christmas
3. Programming – I will either use complete the MIT open course into to computer science or get a subscription to

The hardest part of these goals is that my fiancee and I are planning a wedding and buying a house within the next year. Luckily I don’t need to buy any more major tools to get these projects done. Even so it feels like all my goals are stretch goals.