Coptic Codex

I will be getting married in a little under a year and this amazing life event has presented the opportunity to get creative. One of the projects that I am working on is a wedding book. I am going to create a handmade hard covered book to have sections for my notes, guest signatures and well wishes, and photos of the wedding.Coptic Codes and Notes

I started with heavy drawing paper and made myself a small folio to contain the preliminary ideas, notes, and sketches of the various projects (book included). The first real prototype, I made is a 9 inch by 6 inch Coptic stitched book with birch plywood covers.  It took me one evening to make it and I have started using it for sketches and ideas not related to the wedding.Coptic Codex 1

Right now I am exploring possibilities, but I want the book to have decorative metal pieces on a hard cover which may mean learning repoussé and chasing. The metal pieces could be riveted to wooden covers serve as a hinge and corner protectors but I need to find a binding method for the book block that works with hinges. Each idea leads me to another method or process that I want to learn. I have to keep from spending too much on new tools because I have a wedding to save for.