Wheel Trouble

Last weekend a good friend of mine loaned me his Shimpo electric potter’s wheel. I was stoked to get started and after a quick run to Home Depot to pick up a couple of bolts to set the table attachment up, I was ready to go! Unfortunately, I got half way into my third bowl when the wheel stopped turning. I scraped my half made bowl off the wheel and began investigating it. After chasing down voltages with my Volt-Ohm meter, I believe that a component on the controller card has burned out. The voltage going into the switch looks good. The voltage going into and out of the bridge rectifier looks good. The voltage going into the card looks good but I only get ½ volt DC coming out of the card to power the motor. I searched the internet for a replacement card but was not able to find anything.

I finally emailed the manufacturer and for $280 they are sending me a new card. This has been a very frustrating experience.